Pictured above are some examples of high quality writing instruments which include at this time  fountain pens and pencils. Click on the images above for detail on the specific example.  Over the last several years many of the limited editions of these writing instruments have appreciated greatly in price.  Key manfucturers like Pelikan, Montblanc, Graf-von-Faber-Castill, Omas, Parker and others will offer limited editions.  These limited editions can become good investments over time.  However other high quality pens can also appreciate greatly if the manufacturer discontinues an item which has a following or in the case of the real world manufacturers get taken over and distinctive lines are discontinued.  As with the manufacturring process things change and quality changes.  Most collectors are interested in artistry, craftsmanship and design.  Over time these things change and certain older pens can become highly desirable and highly collectible resulting in huge prices at auction.  There are examples of those here.  

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