This website provides information to investors in collections of contemporary modern products which include items such as collectible watches, writing instruments, mid-century modern furniture and architecture and collectible items called automobilia which represents everything related to collectible automobiles except the actual automobile.  And there will be a section for other items which be all types of mid-to-late 20th century high quality collectibles.

This site provides the latest auction closings along with the latest prices being asked by by the most reputable dealers in the world.  We will also have some pricing analysis for items in general.  As of right now we are seeing some real price appreciation in certain key collectibles.  Very high end watches such as 1960's and 1970's vintage Rolex and Patek Philippe are seeing some phenomenal price appreciation.  Currently price appreciation in watches are expected to continue to grow at more than 7% annually.  I personally have been following this watch market since the mid 1980's. I  acquired a few high end Swiss made watches during the late 1980's and mid 1990's.   After making a few trades I still see a huge investment potential.

I have also been collecting various collectible pens and pencils. I started with the original all titanium Porsche Design series from the mid- 1980's.   These were made by Faber-Castell in Germany.  Other German made pens and pencils from that era have also been discontinued.  Re-sell prices on these items have risen by a factor of 10x since the mid-1990's.

Mid century modern design items (which include high quality furniture and high end buildings) are increasing in value very rapidly.  Certain items have never been in higher demand and appear to make great investments. 

Investing in items like these are not as risky as classic antiques or classic automobiles.  Once an investor decides what it is they like it is very easy to get involved.  Unless one seeks the highest level in collectibles it is not that difficult to get started.

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